Studio Policies…

2019 – 2020 Studio Policies 

Registration Fee - The annual, non-refundable registration fee is $40.  (Plus $15 for each additional family member).  Students have the opportunity to receive free registration fee every Spring for the following year.  Watch your newsletters for priority registration dates.

Tuition –

      Annual Tuition Option - If you choose the annual tuition payment, you will receive a 10% discount during priority registration week and a 5% discount if paid by August 19th. Please do not choose the annual payment unless you are sure your dancer will participate all year, since all payments are non-refundable.

      Monthly Payment Option - If you choose the monthly payment option, the yearly tuition amount is conveniently divided into monthly payments.  Payments are due by the 1st of each month, regardless of whether it is a short month or a long month, studio closure, holidays, or student absences.  The first payment is due at the time of registration and prorated for the remaining classes in that month.  Each subsequent payment will be due the first of every month through June 2020, with the last payment being due June 1st, 2020.  If your payment is not received by the close of business on the 5th of the month, your credit card on file will be charged for the tuition amount plus a $15 late fee.  If accounts are more than 30 days delinquent, an additional $10 fee will be assessed. Additionally, students may not participate in class until the account is brought up to date.  Reminder - all payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Types of Payment - At the time of registration, families must place a credit or debit card on file.  Most dance families choose to participate in our automatic payment system for each month’s tuition; however, you may choose to pay in the office by cash, check, money order, debit or credit card.  If your account is set-up on automatic payment, please be sure the card on file is up-to-date.  If a payment is missed because of a card error, a $15 late fee will be imposed.

To ensure all payments are credited to the appropriate account, cash payments always require a receipt and check payments require the student’s name to be written in the memo section.  There is a $30 fee for checks returned by the bank for any reason, and your credit card on file will be automatically run for the amount of the returned check plus the $30 fee.  In addition, all future payments must be made by cash, money order or credit card.

Recital Info - Your dancer’s recital is the most important day of his/her dance year!  We work all year toward improving technique, and our hard work is evident in our year-end dance recital. 

Your recital fee of $135 includes one costume, tights, accessories, two recital tickets, one recital t-shirt, and your portion of the stage rental fees, and is due by November 1st.  Students participating in our 1st – 3rd and 4th – 8th grade combination classes will require a “kit” costume (a base leotard that can be converted into a second costume).  This grouping of classes will participate in two dances in the recital requiring a minimal costume change.  The price of the “kit” costume adds $30 to the total recital fee.  All other additional costumes are $75 each, which is due to Gotta Dance by November 1st.  Costumes ordered after December 1st will be an additional $15, and after Feb 15th cannot be guaranteed.

Participation in Recital is required.  If you choose to decline participation, the office must be notified by email or in writing by October 1st, or your account will be charged for the full recital fee.  Recital fees are non-refundable.

      Recital Payment Option #1 – Full amount ($135 per dancer, plus additional costume fee if applicable) due by November 1st. 

      Recital Payment Option #2 – Equal payment option.  $13 will be added to each equal tuition payment (Aug-June) for the total of $135. 

Amount will be more if:

·       participating in 1st – 3rd grade or 4th – 8th grade combination classes

·       taking multiple classes

·       having multiple dancers in the family

·       beginning classes after August

Attendance – We encourage students to attend all classes but we understand sometimes absences cannot be avoided.  Although we are unable to pro-rate for missed classes, students may take advantage of make-up classes through the month of April.  Please contact the office for appropriate days and times.

To avoid injury and make the most of your dance experience, please do not be late to class.  We warm up at the beginning of class, and dancers who miss the warm up could risk injury.  Therefore, dancers more than 10 minutes late may be asked to watch that day.

All classes require a minimum number of students in order for a class to run.  To meet the needs of our customers and the ever-changing dance trends, Gotta Dance reserves the right to change its schedule before or during a season in order to adhere to this policy.

Please make sure you are back on time to pick up your child.  You may run errands while your child is in class, but make sure you are prompt!   We are not responsible for your children before or after dance class.  If you are more than ten minutes late in picking up your child, a fee of $5 per 10 minutes will be charged to your credit card. 

Schedule Change – Please fill out a form in the office if you wish to change classes.  A $10 processing fee will be applied to all schedule changes after September 1st.   Fee will be waived if the change is requested by the studio.

Withdrawal - If withdrawal is necessary, a drop form must be filled out and turned in to the office or an email sent to  The drop notice must be received by the end of the month, which gives your 30-day notice of withdrawal.  You will still be responsible for tuition for 30 days. Your account will remain active until we receive proper notice, and your card on file will be charged for all tuition, late fees, and recital payments due. 

Observation – Our studio allows for easy observation enabling you to see the progress of your dancer.  Please be sure while observing that you are as minimally distracting to the students as possible which means refraining from taking pictures or video and waving to your dancer.  Additionally, observation is only permitted through our windows.  The blinds may be opened and closed at the teacher’s discretion in order for your dancer to receive the best instruction with the least amount of distractions. 

We are so excited to be in our BEAUTIFUL, BRAND NEW studio.  In an effort to keep the lobby looking it’s best for all to enjoy, we ask that you do not move the furniture or allow young children to stand on the chairs.  Thank you for your cooperation!